Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New demo online

I completed a small demo of my game engine for a school application. The demo shows dynamic lighting and shadows, the physics system and some post-processing effects including light bloom, depth of field and dynamic reflections. It uses my old framework from 2008, though. I did not have the time to adapt it for my new framework. Also, as there is no height imformation encoded in the normal maps, there is no parallax mapping. Don't worry about the low framerates on the screenshots, the demo actually runs pretty decent with most effects enabled. I just turned it all up to the maximum for the screenshots :) Have fun!

- Control the camera with the cursor keys and by moving your mouse
- Press 1 to 6 to switch light sources on and off
- Press the left mouse button to push an object
- Hold the right mouse button to grab an object
- Press the space bar to pause the physics simulation
- Press F1 to F10 to toggle effects and debug options on and off

The program does not check your system for compatibility - if your graphics card does not meet the requirements, the demo will simply crash. Use at your own risk! Also, make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card installed. I developed and tested the demo on a GeForce GTX 260 with the 196.75 drivers.

Download: Backyard Demo (outdated - check the revised demo here!)

Some screenshots:


  1. really nice, what are your plans with this engine?

  2. well, that depends on what i'm doing in winter :) i'm applying for some schools atm to become a graphics programmer. if that works out, i'll definitely keep working on it. i'd like to develop an editor for it extend it to a fully-fledged game engine some day.