Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wunderwerk Development Blog online

I've finally brought myself to setup this development blog. I've been working on this engine for almost a year now, and graphics are almost complete.

For those of you who care: The engine is written in C/C++ using OpenGL for graphics. I have no plans to support DirectX, especially now that version 10 is Vista only. All shaders are written in GLSL, no fixed functionality is being used. What's still missing graphics-wise are particle systems, sky, cubic reflections and support for more image and model formats. So far the engine supports .tga and .dds image files and Doom 3 and Milkshape3D models including animation.

I've setup this blog because I'm often asked how this project is coming along and all I can do then is promise to send them some screenshots eventually. Also, i'd love to get into contact with other programmers who are interested in this project or who develop something similar. And last - but not least - there is nothing more motivating than a compliment. Still, don't hesitate to critize!

Finally, here are two screenshots of the latest features I've implemented: the left one shows two post processing effects, depth of field and bloom; the right one shows reflective/refractive water.


  1. The DOF looks really nice, what technique are you using? if you don't mind me asking.

    If it's your technique. How did you remove the halo?

  2. when rendering the scene i store the distance between vertex and origin in the alpha channel. i then render the scene into a screen-size framebuffer and blur it 2x using a 7x7 gaussian filter. in the final pass i mix the original scene and the blurred one depending on the stored depth. this way the effect is pixel-perfect.

  3. very nice, keep up the good work!